2017 GIFT GUIDE: for the wellness enthusiast

I've never really been a fan of doing these gift guides. Mostly because I put such pressure on myself to find the latest, greatest and best deals for you while shopping. However, this year, because I have been living more blissfully, I made the decision to only make gift guides for different aspects of myself. I made the commitment to only create things that feel blissful to me. Needless to say, creating these gift guides has been so much fun, shopping for the things that I would really love. It feels more authentic for me. And the responses I have gotten have made it all worth it. I'm so glad to see how much you enjoy these. 

Wellness has been a big one for me this year. Feeling healthy is of top priority for me to be able to work, live and be fully engaged in life the way I want to be. Here are some really fun gifts for you and your health conscious loved ones. . .

1. I am all about connecting to rituals for wellness and the opening line from this beautiful candle brand is "We believe the simple act of lighting a candle should bring pleasure and a sense of wellbeing". Sold! That's what Blissful Living is all about. 2. I don't know about you but I'm a little over the whole black yoga leggings, these stylish sweat style yoga pants are totally chic. 3. This quilted yoga mat bag reminds me of Chanel, how more glam can you get? 4. This supplement trio is a set of magical elixers to keep you healthy during the holidays. 5. Eat beautiful is not only a fabulously pretty book, its actually filled with recipes to enhance your wellness and beauty. 6. All my girlfriends have a Fit Bit, but I have yet to get one. I think its about time. 7. Essential oil diffusers are life changing. I am always burning essential oils around the home and if you aren't feeling well, it will totally calm you and bring you back to center. 8. My household swears by a Nutribullet, its the perfect gift for anyone who is in need of some smoothies in their life. 9. I think baths are not a luxury but a necessity. Gift someone with this amazing coconut bath soak. Their skin will glow and they will love you for it.