2017 GIFT GUIDE: for the Instagrammer

These days everyone and their cousin is an Instagrammer. You know us, the people who take an extra few minutes to get just the right shot. I am guilty of it too. You can follow me on Insta here. When I see a beautiful space, all I want to do is capture a pretty picture. Every Instagrammer needs a few accessories on hand to make a picture Insta-worthy. So today's gift guide is packed with several essentials sure to ramp up your Insta-style

1. Weather you are wearing them or styling them in a flat lay, this tassel earring set is perfect for a photo. 2. For a decorista, the color of a book is everything. Pink books always seem to be fab for photos. I adore Capture Your Style & Love x Style x Life. 3. I have a Lumee phone case and I am obsessed. Not only is the light great for photos, its great for finding lost items too. Side note, I drop my phone all the time and its totally safe in this case. 4. Byredo Gypsy Water is totally the 'it girl' perfume. 5. I have had my eye on this blush Gucci bag, I adore it. 6. The Baies candle has been a stylish girls must have ever since Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. It smells divine and can be re-used in so many ways like a make up brush holder. 7. When you get a really good Insta-pic, I love to print them out. How pretty is this glam picture frame? 8. These gold pencils with cute sayings is the perfect addition to any desk flat lay. 9. Every morning insta needs a cute coffee mug, I adore this gold lip print one