secret of domestic bliss # 29...pretty little vignettes

 Oh how I just love the beauty of interior decorating. It's such fun to make your home a treasure trove of your personal items and memories. Take a cue from interior and even fashion stylists everywhere and feel free to make a little 'scene' that sets a mood in your space. A vignette is an arrangement or placing of items that tell a story... whether it be a mood or just a color story, you can basically run with it and make it your own. It gives your home such personality and makes it look less like a showroom and more like your own little boutique. Be free, nevermind any rules, just make it pretty! 
Some of my favorites...
Do you guys have pretty little vignettes at home??? I want to see! 

images via... apartmenttherapy, housebeautiful, domino, tabletonic, absolutelybeautiufulthings, glamlamb