art + room {my current art obsessions}

pink sectional + flamingo pillows + stark white walls + Slim Aarons photograph =
domestic bliss
The right artwork is to a room as the perfect belt is to an outfit. It's so necessary if you are wanting to convey some serious style. I love art. In fact, most of you don't know, before I went out and started my own business, I was working at an art gallery in Beverly Hills. It's extremely important for art to be personal AND stylish. It gives a room a bit of movement, art absolutely can lend itself to creating the mood for your room. So important. Lately, I am loving photographs and these fabulous finds...
We have all seen this gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor piece, and its pink! Hello. Totally decorista!
black fading into gold, the is the epitome of sophisticated chic...
I adore the way this butterly gives a fluttery feeling to the room, very whimsical. 
Absolutely and I mean absolutely NOTHING says mad style like an Andy Warhol print.