Wallcolor Wednesday {wonderfully white}

Why not work it with white?
As much as I just adore me loads of lovely color, I am not mad at an all white room. You can dress up white walls in so many ways to make a fab room. Also, with white, you are not limited on shades...there are several white wall colors that can just look magical. Ivory, off white, etc. They all work really well and are a wonderful neutral.
Keep in mind. Small rooms need major color, I personally think that if you have a small room, color is what helps make it feel bigger. If your room is big, white can be absolutely wonderful! 

The Art of Living: living room lovers

The living room is the ultimate place where we connect with our guests, so it can be quite crucial that this space be a happy place. I am oh so inspired by light colored living rooms right now. Currently, my walls are dark, dark gray which is perfect for fall, but for some reason, I am desperately looking to brighten things up and go for a softer look. Sometimes all white or soft, pale colors can be soothing to the soul...here we go, weekend decorating.

This dynamic dining/living area rocks my world because its infused the beautiful rose gold. So heavenly.

Wallcolor Wednesday {black walls. white molding}

A color combo I am seriously considering lately...black walls paired with white molding. It's the classic mix, black and white, yet paired in such an unexpected way. I can't get over the way these deep black walls are just made even better by hooking up with some sweet white molding, such a power couple don't you think?

a gorgeous miles redd designed space

images: athena,mynottinghill, elledecor, 

Styleicious Sunday: black and white stripes

Want to make sure to add some style to your summertime occasions? Try black and white stripes, they  are a definite staple in any decoristas life. They give the phrase 'effortless chic' a whole new meaning. Summertime is the perfect time to indulge in the chic look, maxi dresses, beach towels, outdoor pillows, umbrellas...all of it is absolutely essential! 

images: 1) villa 2+3+5) unknown 4)via 6) lonny 7+8+10)skonhem 9)elle 11)via

appreciating the chic mix of black and white interiors

Today I am on a shoot styling for an upcoming campaign that is going to be amazing! Remember my last campaign for LM? This will be something similar, I am so excited to share with you all. My inspiration on today is black and white, its the most classic yet chic and stylish color combo. I often am drawn to the simplicity of the mix...

Life in Brooklyn...bright and breezy

I have a small little crush on Brooklyn. Everytime I go there, I have a great time...its just full of surprises. Like this adorable little studio, decorated by Nick Olsen, it's a complete treat! Pretty and light walls give it the ultimate pick me up feeling, total happiness. Each little adornment and detail is carefully done to ensure the perfect functionality for a super small space yet still keeping its visual beauty. Check out this video for tips on small spaces. I love the white with green trim everywhere, such a fresh combo.

images via everythingfab

bliss in the kitch' {so crisp and so clean}

It's moving week for me!!!!! So excited to pack up my things and head in to my new place. What I am most excited is the kitchen in my new space. It's nice and big (well for NYC) and ready to be cooked in. When I spotted this pretty white kitchen I felt my heart just giddy with new kitchen excitement. 
I love all white kitchens but what they need to be more pretty and clean, is a hint of classic black. It's a genius combination.


Wallcolor Wednesday...working with white

As I am still on the hunt for the perfect place to live in NYC, I keep running into to the realization that so many people here have to rent. The biggest downside to renting is the possibility that you are stuck working with white walls. Don't fret my pets, there is always a way around white walls and surprisingly you can still have a very chic space. Here, I will share with you my room inspirations with white walls. I must say, I am rather quickly falling for the charm.


How to decorate like a graphic designer...

Absolutely into the look of this home, it's a super gorgeous feature from Real Living Magazine. It really inspires me to see the homes of incredibly artistic and creative people. Ashley Haley is no exception, in her home she uses black, whites, nudes, and a mix of fun prints solid colors are big furniture. I love her how everything in the home has such a cool and hip graphic twist. She has really done of great job of pairing high's and low's, something not every gal can do. I guess graphic designers can have mad style too! 


rooms that rock my world...the black and white perspective.

Black and white movies. Yes! 
Black and white fashion. Yes! 
The ubiquitous NYC Black and white cookie...oh YES!
 I am mad for all things black and white today. Especially when it comes to interior decor. Feast your eyes upon these delicious rooms! Black and white... work-it-out! 


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white done right: decorating inspired by life in the city

While I love color, living in a city that is non stop energy all the time I find myself longing for a very relaxing space. And nothing is better than a beautiful white space that surpasses all necessity for any color, its so very calming. It absolutely rocks my world. Nevertheless, we all know its not really that possible to live in picture perfect white, but it is incredibly beautiful to look at. So I love sharing the inspiration with all of you...


the decorista NYC apartment inspiration {alexander wang}

For the time being I am staying with family in NYC and have now made the decision to get my very own apartment in the city. So this weekend I will be prancing merrily around the town looking at real estate...something I truly love. There is so much to consider when hunting for a space (i am open to any and all advice) but of course all I can think about is the inspiration. This alexander wang apartment is so right up my alley. I love the dreamy light walls, and accents of black and white glamour. What girl wouldn't love this high glossy style.
to see the rest of this breathtaking manhattan apt...
interior design by ryan korban via this is glamorous

bliss in the kitch' ...delicious cream + dreamy gold

As much as I love learning all of these fabulous restaurants in NYC, I long for those days of hanging out in the kitchen and whipping up a fabulous dinner. How gorgeous is this all white kitchen with mixtures of gold and stainless steel? I never thought they would work together, but in this kitchen they totally do. It's parisian chic at its best and the small inset bookcase doesn't hurt either.